The list of places to visit in Bangalore is really long. There are many lakes, historical places, museums, parks, and restaurants which makes Bangalore awesome. I am considering you have one day to visit Bangalore or can be extended to two. One day is not enough, there are many places to cover. Keeping that in mind I have curated a list of places to visit in Namma Bengaluru. I am starting it with one of my favorite place, Lal Bagh.

List of Places to visit in Bangalore.

  1. Lal Bagh

During the rule of Hyder Ali, father of Tipu Sultan, this garden was commissioned. The famous glass house is also in the Lal Bagh (which I saw since my childhood in newspaper & TV, it turned to be the equally beautiful place). This is a perfect place to start your trip. It has really old trees with trunks size of almost a room of your home or maybe more thicker than that. Even I couldn’t believe that until I visited the garden. 

Here are the few pictures.

Sun set from a hill top in Lalbagh
Sunset from a hilltop in Lalbagh. Best places to visit in Bangalore.
Sun set from a hill top in Lalbagh
Sunset from a hilltop in Lalbagh. Best places to visit in Bangalore.

This lush green garden is the lungs of the city and tells about the natural heritage Bangalore has carrying with itself. If you are a nature lover like me, it will take minimum 2 hours to visit the garden.

In the garden campus, there is a temple situated on the hill, hike that hill and you will have a great view of the Vidhan Soudha, UB city mall, and the beautiful Bangalore city. Lalbagh is favourite picnic spot of Bangaloreans and large tourists flock in on weekends. 

Lalbagh Bangalore.
Lalbagh Bangalore. Best places to visit in Bangalore. Sources.

Location of Lalbagh, botanical garden.
Tickets: 20/ –
Reach early in morning to have the whole garden all by your self to take awesome pictures.

  1. MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Room)

After finishing your trip in the early morning in Lalbagh, you must be hungry. You can quell your quest for food at MTR and have really delicious and authentic south Indian food here. It’s more than a 100-year-old restaurant and closes by 12 PM in noon and opens again after a break of about an hour or so. Keep that in mind. The food is really delicious. As you enter the restaurant you will smell the aroma of spices in the air. They have invented Rava – Idli. Yes, because of the shortage of grains during the World War II they experimented with rava idli and dosa and it became an instant hit. The building and interior are old and the vibes you will feel there will tell you the history and grandeur it is carrying with itself. Places like this make the fabric and culture of a city. By visiting this you can gauge the richness of heritage Bangalore have.

MTR, Best places to visit in Bangalore
MTR – Mavalli Tiffin Room, Best places to visit in Bangalore.

Location of MTR.

  1. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

Your next halt could be the historical Tipu Sultan’s summer palace. It is less than 2 KM from MTR. Bangalore used to be an escape for the royal families of Mysore and Tipu Sultan who ruled Mysore state. This is why Tipu Sultan commissioned summer palace to relax in Bangalore, away from the capital. Even the Wadiyars, last ruler of the Mysore state had their palace in Bangalore. It used to be quiet and a cold place then it is now. Even though we like the weather here right now, but it used to be even lovelier and cool before.

“Rash-e-Jannat” is what Sultan used to call it, which means “Envy of Heaven”. The two storied palace is built of teak wood and wooden pillars. The palace is another piece of great architecture and opulence of princely states of India.

Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace
Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace. Best places to visit in Bangalore. Source.

Location of Tipu Sultan Palace.

  1. Bangalore Palace

Wadiyars, the last ruler of the Mysore state built the European architecture based castle.  It is nothing in comparison to Mysore palace, but it has its own beauty.

The architecture of the palace is a mix of Tudor and Scottish Gothic. The interiors of the palace are full of European style furniture and showpiece made up of elephants and other animal’s head. The royal family of Mysore used to hunt a lot. They hunted around 300 tigers and many elephants.

The palace was opened for public viewing in the year 2005. The ownership of the palace is with the erstwhile royal family of Mysore.

The King of Mysore once visited a European country and got amused with the architecture of the castle which made him build this palace with the similar architecture.

Bangalore Palace.
Bangalore Palace. Best places to visit in Bangalore.
Ground opposite to Bangalore palace.
Ground opposite to Bangalore palace. Best places to visit in Bangalore.

The ground in above picture is opposite to Bangalore Palace in the palace compound. You wouldn’t find these facet of Bangalore palace easily.

To upkeep the huge campus of the palace, the royal family rent out ground which is on the campus, known as palace ground,  for cultural events, & functions, such as marriage ceremony, exhibitions, musical concerts, sports events.

Location of Bangalore Palace.

Tickets :  @ 230/ – for Indians and 460/-  for Foreigners.

  1. Vidhana Soudha

After visiting the Bangalore palace you should turn towards Vidhana Soudha which is only 3 KM from the palace. The grandeur of the Vidhana Soudha will mesmerize you. The building is made up of granite and houses legislatures of the Karnataka state of India. If you don’t have time then also you should visit from outside, and take pictures. It will be worth visiting once. The structure is really grand and will remind you the grandeur of the buildings of Lutyen’s Delhi. 

Vidhan Soudha. Secretariat.
Vidhan Soudha. Secretariat, Karnataka. Best places to visit in Bangalore.

Location of Vidhan Soudha

Bonus image.

Indira Gandhi Garden Bangalore.
Indira Gandhi Garden Bangalore. Best places to visit in Bangalore.

I took this image on one Sunday morning in Indira Gandhi Garden, in central Bangalore.

These places will be enough for a day and if you like to catch a drink you can go to Skywalk, UB city and see another grand and luxurious mall built by Vijay Mallya. This is one of its own kind in India. It houses top luxurious brand of the world. Near UB city mall there are breweries and fine dining restaurants like The Biere cafe, which serves really good crafted beer.

These many places are enough to visit in one day. For day 2 you can read my next article, it will guide you to other beautiful places in the silicon city of India.

If you have not visited Bangalore then watch this video, shot in Bangalore.
You will fall in love with the city.

PS: I live in Bangalore, right now. I love it!