3 mistakes of my life.
3 mistakes of my life.

When you loose the time and energy then you realize the importance of it. I am 26 and about to touch 27 in few months and I have done mistakes that would have been avoided for sure. There are many reasons for that, rather delving more into the reasons I will straight jump to the lessons I learnt and something I would highly recommend to any person who is in early twenties.

  1. Focus

    You will not be focused as much as you should be right now.  99% and more people are not focused in their life and that I believe is the single most reason of lagging behind. This is one of the top reason because of which we don’t achieve success. I have suffered because of it, lost focus many times in last few years and there were many reasons of it. Now, you will ask how to remain focused? So there are 2 solutions for this problem. Firstly, you need to meditate. Yes, that sounds too generic but it will help you to build that concentration and will give you strength to remain unfazed and calm when you are distracted. Second, you need to find passion. It will be more elaborated in next point.

  2. Passion

    Let me start with clarifying first with what I mean by passion here. When you propose someone your boyfriend/girlfriend then you say I love you from bottom of my heart and you never say that, “I am interested in you would you marry me?” Right? It means you are loving passionately her/him.

    I am talking about the similar passion for your work, something you would like to do day in & day out. It might be anything you, need to find it out. This will be something which should be of paramount importance in your life, because if you don’t find it out you will end up running in the race which is not meant for you and it will make you a mediocre. Do you want to be mediocre? then keep looking for the passion.

    Need some motivation for it? Then watch this video of Steve Jobs.

    This will give you some clue why  it is important to find the passion early in life. It will act  as a mediation, you will not be stressed and probably you will be focused too. It will help you to settle in all other aspects of your life.

    I highly recommend reading Mastery by Robert Greene, this is one amazing book to find your passion and how you can convert that into Life task. It is available online. I request you to buy it and give it a shot religiously. You will start questioning many things in your life and as you start questioning things start changing. Our society never teaches us to question anything, their benefit lies in people following them blindly.  This is the trend across the world not in any particular country or society or religion. So start asking questions and soon you will also find answers.

  3. Reading

    This is one of the biggest regret I have that I didn’t commit myself to read books in my early life. I missed so much in my life. You can learn and acquire so much from books.

    As Ralph Waldo Emerson has correctly pointed out that , “If we encounter a man with rare intellect , we should ask  him what books he reads.”

    Reading books will not only shape your intellect but will make you think the way great people thought , you can understand their thought process and even if you imitate their thought processes and habits you will start observing few positive changes in your life. I have observed it.

    Try reading books like Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo one of the most read book across the world. This is one amazing book and then you can go to other non-fiction books. My suggestion is do not waste time in reading fiction books, please read non fiction books as it helps a lot in day to day life.

    If you don’t know where to start from, well I have given suggestion above. If that doesn’t suffice you then you can at least follow the richest person on earth. Bill Gates recommends books on his blog and if you are too tired to search it on net, I will do it for you here. So that you don’t procrastinate it further.

    Some inspiration to kick your ass to start the habit of reading books.

    I hope this helps you to not repeat the mistakes I did in my early days. Please don’t repeat mistakes and take your passion and work seriously because that is what defines you in this world, the value you bring to the world.

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