Between the stories
Between the stories

Ramayana has many versions, as many as 300 acknowledged versions. The oldest Sanskrit version attributed to sage Valmiki and different versions like Ramacharitamanasa by Tulsidas and Bhavartha Ramayana by Eknath are quite popular in different regions. Although characters remain the same, but perspectives do change. Some could relate to the grief of separation of Urmila, some had empathy to Goddess Sita and other savoured Lord Ram’s will. The writers write what they feel is the important part and the readers read what they can connect to.

We do accept common notion out of the obvious things, still different interpretations always exist. Figuring out conclusions and inferences is a skill, yet human mind goes beyond the spheres of imagination. And this unique power of imagination has brought versatility in our civilisation. We take out different lessons from the same motivational speech, we admire different instruments from the same audio clip and we rarely zero down to the same opinion on the best player of any sports. This all differences do exist and will exist because every individual has his/her own story.

A soldier’s wife pushes herself recalling Urmila’s courage in Laxman’s exile, an entrepreneur smile recalling Lord Ram’s up down and a player calms his nerves in game recalling Ravan’s arrogance. The contrast in our thoughts gets inhabited due to different life we live, different experiences we have and different pieces of advice we get. Upon everything, optimism can drive you beyond your imagination. You can always accept people with their stories and then do your part to make our own story great. Even the ‘great’ can be relative depending upon parameters people set by observing characters in their story. Doing your great is important, and respecting their ‘great’ more important.

In these million years of evolution, emotions remained the same. The same love, the same happiness, the same courage, the same fear and the same pain, yet different stories to depict them. It is the entanglement of writer’s mind and experience that generates our emotions from the lifeless signs on a pulp. It is writer’s life story that gets reflected among many unwritten stories. And here are billions of people on earth living their part of the story, be kind, you never know what struggle they are going through. And do support, you never know the fort is about to get complete.

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