Find Your Passion: The three species.

The Three Species
The Three Species

I remember there were days when I asked almost everyone what are they passionate about, what would you like to do rest of your lives, have you found this one thing that will drive you to push your limits? And I found three types of people:

Type A (‘What are you talking about?’):

These are the ones who have no idea about the reason of your confusion. All they do is keep doing what others are doing. There never ask why, they never question, most often they are not even bothered or do not want to be bothered. They believe money is the only thing that matters. When I was in college most of the folks I found belonged to this category, if you talk to them they will just ask you to chill (tu itna tension kyun leta hai be); you might even start feeling that something is wrong with you. Few years later down the lane I again found these folks in my company. These guys were never excited about their job, they were never innovative, if the manager asked them to push their limits or stay little longer to finish; we could hear them bitching during the break. All they cared about was the weekend off and salary increment. At times you might see such people doing very well at their work but that is mostly due to the fear of failure or from the expectation their parents and society have on them. And they believe they are bound to fulfill those expectations.

Type B (‘Eureka I found it!’):

Very few people I found were of type B; these folks were really good at what they did. At times I felt they never put effort or that they were born talented. One of my close friend belonged to this category, we were roommates I learned a lot from him. He was exceptionally good at his job, was very innovative. People who didn’t know him believed that he was from a different planet and that he was gifted. This was not true, what others did not know was the hours he spent working, his crazy questions on every topic, his utmost thirst to learn the basics and then to build upon it, he was self-motivated and never relied on the instructor to teach everything. These people enjoy their work and get positively excited when they face challenges.

Type C (‘I am exploring..’):

A small bunch of people will be in this category; you might feel relieved when you meet them. Like you they too are confused and are trying to seek guidance. If you belong here, never ever be ashamed of it; at least you know that you don’t know! These people muster courage to try out things because they acknowledge that there is a difference in what a job looks like and what it is when you actually do it. Depending upon their financial situation they might take up some job for a living but would find time to sharpen their skills or learn something new. They sacrifice their comfort and work on their current passion after their regular job. When you question them regarding their passion, they might respond that they do not know it 100% that this is what they want, but for now it feels right. Some people may give up their search after trying out various jobs and will settle down for whatever they get, others will keep on trying until they find it. Even those who settle down after trying hard will still be close to doing something they like. They never regret the time they spent exploring and deep down in their heart they would experience a peace and tranquility that they did try their best in chasing their dreams in this only opportunity called life.