I am considering that you have already shared it on social media sites and still wondering how you can get more traffic. Even I wondered the same thing after publishing articles so here are the steps I follow after publishing an article which will help you too, to build SEO and bring more traffic. I have written this article as I have find it difficult to bring traffic from the existing social media sharing so I found these particular steps which helps a bit to bring more traffic. I hope these will help you too.

Google URL submit.
Google URL submit. Image source.

1. Submit article link to Google URL submitter.

Google scan crores of new links daily. If you can help a bit to solve this problem of their it will ultimately help you too. Just submit the link of your recently published article to Google.
Here is the link just go there and help Google to find your article.


Scribd.com. Image Source.

2. Convert the article into a pdf and submit it on Scribd.com

Scribd have and Alexa rank of 281 and there millions of daily viewers on their site. Just convert your html to pdf and submit your article on this website. Write a para about your article and be found there. It is really a great to build SEO and drive traffic.

Pinterest. Image Source.

3. Pinterest

Do you like photos? Even readers too and everyone on the planet. This is one of the reason of Pinterest success. You must have included various images in your article then let them help you to drive more traffic just pin them up.

You can also use Pinterest chrome extension, install it, and pin the photos to your story boards to drive more traffic.

Stumbleupon.com . Image Source.

4. Stumleupon

You can use a chrome extension of Stumbleupon. Whenever you publish your article then just open the link in chrome browser, after installing the ext, you will see a bar below the address bar, there will be a like button there just press it and it will submitted to it. It will help Stumbleupon to discover your article and show it to other users who are discovering content on there platform.

getpocket.com . Image source.

5. Save in pocket!

Save it but not in your real pockets, I am talking about the app. It is one of the best tool I have come across to save the content and read it later even without internet connection. You can download the app in your smart phone and also install the chrome extension of the same. If you save anything on your browser it will also be synced into your phones app.  Now ,how it will help you to build SEO or drive more traffic to your blog? The app also shows recommended content based on the articles you have saved. So any other user who have saved article similar to your article, in recommendation section there are chances that the pocket will show your article. So help them to discover your article by just saving it in your app. It helps them to scan the internet.

There are more things to do apart from these steps, so I will keep updating this article as and when I get more information about the topic so bookmark and save it in the pocket to stay updated. If you know tricks or tips which you know can bring more traffic more swiftly and will certainly help to build SEO then do comment below and let everyone know about it.

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