7 Dishes you must have in Sarafa Indore.

Sarafa Indore.
Sarafa Indore.

Sarafa also called as Sarafa Indore, is situated in Indore. Indore the commercial capital  of Madhya Pradesh, a state of India, has many things to offer you if you’re a foodie, it’s just next to foodie paradise. People here call themselves Indori, who swears by Poha – Jalebi (a snack and a sweet dish). So you can understand the love for food they have. One such place in Indore is Sarafa. The ultimate food paradise.

What is Sarafa?

Sarafa is typically a hub of Jewellery shops , a bazaar, and you can find such market in any town of India. Most of the shops here in Sarafa closes by 8 pm and afterwards the food stall owner flock in there to start their business in the night.

Where is Sarafa in Indore?

Sarafa is situated in old settlements of Indore. It is just behind Rajwada Palace which is constructed by the Holkar, the Royals who ruled Indore state. A place to visit during day time.


It starts by around 8 to 9 pm and the shops are open till 2 am. On weekends or a festival, there will lot of rush.

What are the food items to try out?

Let me take you to some of my favourites.

Joshi Dahi bada House. Sarafa Indore.
Joshi Dahi bada House. Sarafa Indore.

There are many let me start with “Joshi Dahi Bada”.

Joshi Dahi Bada- Sarafa Indore
Joshi Dahi Bada- Sarafa Indore

Dahi, a typical  sweet yogurt and “bada” , sometimes called as “vada”, which is made up of a pulse and is dipped in “dahi”. A bit of salt and other spices are sprinkled on it. This one particularly is not so spicy. Anyone , especially westerners, may like it. If you want to try other items and you are with your friends then just take one plate of it, because there are so many other good things on offer. So keep some space for the other great items.

One plate will cost you INR 50.

Bhutte ka kisse 

Bhutte ka kisse - Sarafa Indore
Bhutte ka kisse – Sarafa Indore

There are many who will offer you this but one of the good stalls who sits in front of Joshi Jewellers. Corn in Hindi is known as “Bhutta”. This dish is a delicious one, it is a bit salty. But you will like it very much.

Location of Shop - Sarafa Indore
The address of above food stop. Location of Shop – Sarafa Indore

One plate will cost you INR 40.

Chole Tikkia

Chole Tikkia and Bhutte ka kisse
Chole Tikkia and Bhutte ka kisse- Indore Sarafa

Another thing to offer you from the same stall is Chole Tikkia. Chole is garbanzo beans a gravy of  it is prepared  with paneer in it. Tikkia is typically made up of potatoes fried on a Tava. The Tikkia is prepared so well and crisps, that it will taste like crisped KFC chicken. It will be a bit spicy and but tastes good with the tamarind chutney and coriander chutney in it.

Chole Tikkia. Sarafa Indore.
Frying of Aloo Tikkia. Chole Tikkia. Sarafa Indore.

One plate will cost you INR 40.

Finally in my hand. Sarafa Indore.
Chole Tikkia. Finally in my hand. Sarafa Indore.

I was so much full after having all these items.


It is one of my favourite dishes. Garadu is basically a root like a potato. Just like we have french fries,  which are deep fried, we have Garadus. They are deep fried and a bit of salt, spices, and lemon are sprinkled over it properly and mixed it will taste like heaven. This much better than french fries. But only available in this region and Garadu’s are grown in this region only in India. So this is a speciality of this region.  You must try it once. Highly recommended. The only thing you should keep in mind it is seasonal one – only during winters, but you will get in all weather here in Sarafa. So try only in winters, otherwise, you will curse me and I don’t want that to happen. You will get fresh Garadu’s during winters so try it during that time. Skip the deep frozen one during other seasons.

You can have as much more things like Paani puri,  Garadu, Masala dosa, Chinese dishes, Momos, grilled corns, Allu paratha, Samosa, and Kachori is commonly available in any part of India so you will find it here too.

An interruption in food train, I found this beautifully painted old temple here in Sarafa bazaar. Probably a Jain temple.

Temple. Sarafa Bazaar, Indore.
Temple. Sarafa Bazaar, Indore.

What do you say?

Lets go to the next section.

Sweet Side

Sweet Side. Sarafa Indore
Sweet Side. Sarafa Indore.

For sweets, there is so much on offer. Kulfi (an ice cream), Rabdi, Maalpue, Gulaab Jamun, Jalebi, Lassi, Faluda Ice cream and mu ch more.

Faluda Ice cream.

Faluda Icecream Sarafa Indore
Faluda Ice Cream. Rabdi on the left side and noodles on right. Sarafa Indore.

There will be Rabdi – a milk product, noodles – a special type of it, a cherry on top of it. You must try it once.


I have tried once it very sweet. Too much sugar in it. You can try it once. The speciality about it is like success comes in big size, this too comes in big size. Literally, a very big size just have a look. Comparatively, you will find jalebi anywhere else in small sizes.

Wrap Up

I can keep writing about many more dishes but this list of dishes are famous and kind of a speciality of this place. So I will recommend you to have these dishes and if I missed anyone then do let me know in the comment box.

Are you visiting Indore anytime soon? Yes? then I will highly recommend you to try this place. Don’t miss it, if you have a craving for different food and even if you don’t then also try it once to see the culture of food in Indore and how people come to enjoy in this foodie paradise.

One small confession I would like to do – while finishing it off writing this article I am having such a craving for all those food items again. I will like to go back and enjoy them again.