20 things to do before turning 20
20 things to do before turning 20

You will not even realize when you will be a 21-year-old, probably completing your graduation or about to complete in a year. Getting ready for the battle called life, it has been told so nowadays. In some sense it is and someway it is not but whatsoever it is we have to be skilled and smart to excel and do things wisely in our life.

So before your time is up preparing you by trying things out as much as possible. Most of the people regret things they couldn’t do in their life.

We have made an extensive list of things you must give a try before you start living your life on your own.

1. Read

Read as many non-fictional books as possible. About great leader’s struggle, background and their learning and habits. It will surely give you an idea of how much pain they through to be a great person.

2. Take the Gallup Strength Finder Test.

It is an online test which tells about your strengths. Few pair of questions will be asked to you and the result will include the strengths you possess. It will help you to decide upon which major you should take and what career path will be a better choice for you.

3. Start a blog.

Write about your passion or  interest. Do you like to go gym? Or do you play a sport? Pick up your interest and start writing about it. You may start earning with it after gaining some good traffic on it.

4.  Pick something you are afraid of doing and master it.

If you are not good in writing and it is hard for you to express your feeling, then do not worry many people feels so. But only a few of them try to overcome it. If you practice it well who knows you may become a writer. This effort will pay you off in many ways, it will boost up your confidence of doing challenging things and then even mastering it. In the longer run, you will be able to overcome what may come in front of you.

5. Join a club.

It will help you to hone your interpersonal and communication skill. If you take a leadership position, you learn deep about dealing with people and also it looks good on the resume.

6. Do an internship.

Just try to get the internship even if it is for few hours a week. It will benefit you in many ways. It is an added advantage in your resume and you will get to know corporate culture inside out.


7. Make a list of points you want to add on your resume. It will help you to find the desired job.


8. Semester abroad is a great opportunity. Give it a shot. It may be a bit expensive but a worth. First, it gives an edge over for getting a job and second you will get an exposure of different culture.

9. Pub hopping is a good idea. But what about Crashing in a party where no one knows you.  Try once. Make at least one friend.

10. Overuse your student discounts as much as possible.


11. Dance on tables. Make sure your professor is not watching you.


12. Join a nonprofit organization as a volunteer and help others. You will learn about valuing things you have and how underprivileged people work.

13. Travel far and wide. You don’t have any responsibility so take it as a golden chance and travel.

14. Invest

The Early investment will give you a good head start and also will help you learn basic economics and planning. It will be very difficult in the later stage of your life to invest and ripe the benefits.

15. Spend Wisely.

Well, it might sound like a generic advice but this trait should be learned in an early stage of life. That extra shoe pair is good, but do you really want it? does it really help you chasing your goal? ask questions before spending on things you are less sure about.

16. Plan better

Asking questions is a really great trait every one of us must have. We just take things for grants. Ask yourself where do you want to see yourself after few years, what is your passion. It will help you to plan better. People regret not planning out their career in their 20’s. So plan it is the right and also high  time for you.

17. Active lifestyle.

Live an active lifestyle. Join a gym or maybe a yoga studio. It will keep you energetic throughout the day. If you develop this habit in the early stage of your life you will reap the benefit later on.

18. Make Friends.

Reach out to more people. Make more friends. This is an investment, do it now. It will help you out in ways you have never imagined. It will create a tribe around you who will help you in your difficult times.

19. Develop a skill.

Develop a skill,  like teaching English ,which makes you earn in the worst case scenario of you loosing a job or shutting down your startup. These will help you stay independent and debt free.

20. Road Trip.

Well, yes I have mentioned to above about travelling. This point is in addition of it. Go on a road trip if you are biker then go on a motor bike expedition and if you want to stay away from a dust then you can go by car. Plan for it in advance take it as a challenge and you will start discovering hidden potentials you have. Road trip will help you in your outer and inner journey both.

21. Make friends from different countries.

Okay, I have mentioned this point too. But it is in addition to that. Making friends of different ethnic group or from other countries will help you in many ways. It will sensitize you to different culture, their priorities and will bust many of your myths. Few things may be taboo in your society and it is not on the other corner of the world, this will help you to understand how bizzare things are and limits are only there in mind.