Effective to clear for the job interview
Effective to clear for the job interview

1. Do Extensive Research.

Do extensive Research

Do proper research required to ace the interview. Study technical questions, relevant subjects, posture, & nonverbal communication. Study about the company for which you have applied.

2. Make a list of Possible questions

Make a list of questionnaire

There are set of questions, which are being asked on a common basis. These are the common hurdles which can be crossed with a very slight preparation. It will certainly give a bit edge over other candidates. Practice the answer thoroughly, it will infuse confidence in you and will help to build up the momentum to ace the overall process.

3. Use a mirror as a tool to help you.

Mirror to help you prepare.

One on one interview is totally a different ball game, it needs a lot of confidence and preparation in different segments of your personality. Speaking in front of the mirror will help you to go a little deeper about how you talk and express yourself. It will help you to point the mistakes you do like fumbling on answering few questions and then rectifying them easily.

4. Be Very Punctual


Reach before the interview is scheduled. Don’t ever be late. Timing counts a lot, if you reach late for the interview then you will be loosing up the battle. There will be options available afterward to make if you are late, but it will be difficult to handle. Since you will be feeling less confident and those emotions make take a toll on answering other important answers. So always be on time.

5. Be in a formal attire.

Official Dress Code

If it is a startup then you can afford to wear a semi-casual attire but if it is a proper old setup corporate house then you must wear a formal attire. It should be properly washed and ironed. There should not be any bad odour from your clothes and you also. Take bath even if it’s too cold outside. Look matters, a bit here. More than looks it’s about how you carry yourself.  You must presentable all the time.

6. First Impression Matters

First Impression

As the legend goes, the first impression is the last impression. It applies in the  scenario of the interview very well. As you enter the room, almost you have made those people decide about the final result. That may not be the case always, but it has been noticed several times. So as you enter the room make sure you walk like you already have got the job. It works. Be confident as if you have already won the battle, and you will feel that hiding energy and confidence coming up. Introduce yourself properly, shake hands with the interviewer. These things matter a lot.

7. Carry Friendly Gesture.

Friendly gesture

Well, it is in continuation to the point I just made above, first impression. Be open to questions and answer them in a friendly gesture. Don’t hesitate while answering and if you are not clear about the question just ask them out again. They will repeat and explain you the question, there is nothing wrong in it. While introducing yourself you can talk or elaborate about your passion, like football in a bit detail and the club you support and then who knows he too supports the same team. I am just giving an example you can think about many more things and coincidence do happens so take a chance.

8. Go through Company and it’s product in detail.

Go through it in detail.

Make a thorough end to end preparation of the market in which company is dealing and also about the people in key positions. Mentioning name of people increases the trust factor. While studying about the company know the product services better and if possible read about their future plans and how you can help them achieve it better. If you have contacts in the company then ask them to guide in more detail about the various aspect of the concerned firm. Also, read a bit about their competition.

9. A Resume represents you.


Your resume represents you. Yes, those two or maybe three papers represent you in writing. So work like hell on it. What so ever you are writing on it, be prepare to justify the skills you have mentioned in it. Prepare a questionnaire that goings going to be asked on more likely basis regarding whatever information you have mentioned in it. If you flunk in justifying whatever you have written in it, consider yourself out. Know your resume inside out, that’s the key.

10. Carry A Smile, Always.


This may sound silly but it takes you a bit longer in the battle. Consider yourself in the position of an interviewer, which candidate will you prefer a sad looking candidate or a cheerful one? I hope you have got the answer. So always keep a smile. It helps to build an overall personality.

11. Make eye contact, always.

Make Eye contact.

In an interview session, you must keep a constant eye contact, this will again point towards your confidence. So keep a constant eye contact with the interviewer. If you say something wrong while keep an eye contact, it makes an impact so it may help you to skip the heat too from the panel of those faults.

12.  Listen, analyze, respond.


It’s the most important skill in life and also in the corporate too. If you don’t listen carefully and not able to analyse what has been thrown on you then it’s done. Even if you make it, but if you continue doing so you will soon start getting the heat from everywhere your colleague, boss juniors, clients. So you better listen , analyse and then respond. Do not reply, respond. There is a difference between a reply and a proper reply. A proper reply after analysing the question is called as respond. So always respond to the questions asked to you. This habit will take you long way in your life.

Hope this tips will help you up in acing the interview and you pass on this article to help your friends.

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