Dream careers only. Why you should start your career with a startup.
Dream careers only. Why you should start your career with a startup.

1. Learn


You can learn like hell. There will be so much to learn. You can just learn about everything from a business like the operations, marketing, software, sales, research, and development.  If a startup is working on a great product and the founders are all over the board then the talent they attract is also very talented. So you will be working with the smartest mind and the peer learning process will be very helpful to you. So the learning process will take an exponential growth, it’s just you have to increase your awareness.

2. Passion

Passion. Source.

Well, the above image explains it all. As the legends say, pictures are more powerful than the words. If you haven’t got it,then not to worry, I will explain it to you.  🙂 Founders will undoubtedly be the most enthusiastic and passionate lot of people. This creates the vibes about how you should also be so much passionate and energetic about your work and profession. So if you are joining a start up as a fresher it becomes even better, since you can taste as many roles as you want, and find your passion in which you find yourself more confident and relaxed while working.

3. Growth

exponential growth

When you are in a starting phase of your career you should not be so much worried about the growth. But we are all human beings and we keep worrying about stuff that does not matter most of the time. So let me tell you if the startup starts making a profit and the management feel that you are of some worth and very talented then probably you are sitting on a gold mine. The growth, like learning, will also be exponential.

4. Variety of Roles

Wear many hats
Wear many hats. Source.

The strategy and role keep on changing in a typical startup so you have to pick up roles for which you have not hired. Take that as a challenge and learn it. It will be a thrill to excel in something about which you have no idea about. Doesn’t it sound challenging? That what make a typical start-up.

5. Personal Growth

Personal Growth
Personal Growth. Source.

The above growth I have talked about is more of professional one, here I will give a slight idea of personal growth. Are you a team player? No? Then you have to be one if you want to survive, thrive and excel in the corporate sector or in the broader way in your life too. You will develop decision-making, interpersonal, and will make many contacts. Were you aware of it? No? Okay, you can thank me then.

6. ESOPs. Stock Options.

ESOP. Shares. Source.

Stock options have made people millionaire. Consider in the case of Google, we have heard many stories of people getting millionaire just by joining a startup on a low salary basis and considering stock option over high packages. It paid off for them like something anyone can only dream of.

7. Be an integral part of an awesome Start-up

Team. A family.
Team. A family. Source.

We have a lot many times that we have to keep our personal life and professional life separate. But how many of them succeed in them. You tend to hang out with your colleagues, go to amusement park and even on vacations in many cases. So please don’t buy it that you can switch roles easily between your personal and professional life. It will be even better if you try to include both in your life with open arms. While joining a startup keep in mind that the colleague will be like your family and if you consider it and let it sink in yourself then you all the above things I  have mentioned more seamlessly. You will learn, grow in all the aspects like anything. So try to be an integral part of it and everything will fall into place easily.

Wrap Up

Take risk. Join a start up. The start-up may get closed because a higher percentage of start-ups fail. But you will learn and that’s should be your priority when you are just a fresher and starting up your career. Nothing else should matter in this nascent phase of your professional career. There are many more perks apart from these but for a newbie, these are few they should be more concerned about at the initial moment.

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