Robonaut. Source.
Robonaut. Source.

10 jobs that MACHINE & ROBOTS will SNATCH from us in the coming future.

Machine learning, artificial intelligence are the few terms we are coming across on daily basis with more frequency now a days. With the advancement in technology the Robots are evident everywhere. This will take up many jobs from us. Let’s have a look which jobs may get affected in near future.

1. Nurses

Robotic Nurse
Robotic Nurse. Source.

Japanese developed a robot, which is developed and designed to replace a real nurse, that will take care of people. They used sensors to detect odors, hear, see and feel in the robot. Humans have tendency to forget things easily in fast paced life now a days and in this type of profession it becomes a big risk to forget anything related to this job. This problem can be easily handled by using advanced technology like this.

2. Soldiers

Robotic Soldier
Robotic Soldier. Source.

Have you seen Hollywood flick – Terminator; well that may be going to be a view in very near future.

R&D is going on this particular project in various countries secretly. Future wars will be fought by robotic soldiers. But if you are really patriotic and want to serve your country through defence forces then they are snatching up your dreams.

3. Teachers

Robotic Teacher.
Robotic Teacher. Source.

You can practically learn so much over internet easily now a days. It has become an up hill task for teachers to answer such a long queries of students, as they are in handy with the tons of information. So we can definitely expect robots taking up this job from us. Algorithms can be developed to tailor up the information according to queries served to the robot via different ways.

4. Babysitters

Robotic babysitters.
Babysitters. Source.

You can go out to shop or a party without worrying about your children anymore. You can have a robot to watch over them. They will do a better job than teenagers, its just we have to make them a bit more of emotions.

5. Musicians

Musician. Source.

We are listing lots of electronic music and even the other contemporary music is also composed using many electronic equipment. So much data and information on dispose, algorithms can be used using this data to make forecast about the beats and melodies which will sell more and other minute details about it.

6. Receptionists

Robotic Receptionist in Japan. Source.
Robotic Receptionist in Japan. Source.

There is a robot named “MechaDroid” type 3 which can very well replace a receptionist. This is pro in recognizing faces, giving direction and learning languages more swiftly and easily then us.

7. Drivers

Driver less cars.
Driver less cars. Source.

Tesla, Google, Uber and many more car manufacturing giants have jumped into creating driver less cars. The technology by all the giants is working fine with only few incidents that has been reported till now regarding the autopilot mode car driving.

8. Astronauts

Robonaut. Source.
Robonaut. Source.

NASA and General Motors have ventured into this ambitious project to develop robotic astronauts. Robonaut 2, is what they have named it, have a range of sensors and nimble arms that have five fingers. It will help human astronauts in space missions, and who soon they will replace their jobs too.

9. Pharmacists

Robotic arm, pharmacist. Robotic arm, pharmacist. Source.

We have seen videos of people ordering food in restaurant and getting it served through full automatic mechanized way. The same concept has been applied using robots and replacing the big machines to order drugs in medical store. UCSF Medical centre started the robotization of two pharmacies in UCSF hospitals. A User Interface will receive an order of medicine and the package will be delivered by the Robot.

10. Cashiers

Cashier. Source.

While you are choosing your groceries they are being scanned and submitted. When you are done shopping simply scan each grocery, and you will receive a list that you give at the register, pay and that’s that. Companies save money in this way, and the buyers save time.

Scanners are placed in stores and customers can scan it by themselves. Its a simple 4 step procedure to shop (as understood here). a) Choose the product b) Scan the product c) kind of invoice is generated. d) pay the bill (many more ways can be applied in this particular step). It will help to say on human resource in longer run.

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